Technical concept
Information is stored in many different places and formats.
To have this information made available and accessible we use the concept of an information broker.

The information broker is the core of the system. It handles the requests of information and retrieves is from the source where it is stored.

To do this, we use the different interfaces that are available from the information sources.
These information sources can be local databases or files, but also can be sources found outside the own network of your company.

We always say "If it has an IP address, we can talk to it."

Paper is a very patient and reliable carrier of information.
Once you put it on paper, it certainly never changes.

Knowing this, it is also the same for making copies of information on other systems or files.
When making a copy, the information just stored has lost all authenticity with the original information. When this changes, the copy does not change with it and therefore again becomes useless.
That is where the Informatio Broker of Sius Technology comes into play.

By using Smart Technology we make information alive again.